Get Shopping!

FarmSmash is proud to offer three stages of made fresh-to-order baby food, a line of specialty smoothies, and healthy snacks for all ages. Choose our purees as is, or get sassy and add a Vita-Load option for a little extra protein and deliciousness. Don't forget to visit our Non-Perishables section to grow your stork swag!


Choose your (totally free!) delivery day and location.  Or if you are not a Louisville resident and want to solely purchase any of our non-food items please choose the warm ship option to get a flat $7 shipping rate to (most) US states!

 *For delivery, don't forget to leave a cooler with ice on your front porch if no one will be home to immediately refrigerate your super yummy baby foods and smoothies.  Our minimum order for delivery is $25. 

FarmSmash will not be responsible for any shipments ruined due to lack of cooler with ice, or person at residence to immediately refrigerate shipment. 


Keep the plastic bag with the information label your FarmSmash order was delivered in to handily recycle your used jars back to us for money off your future orders. Just leave your used jars on the porch for us to collect when we bring your next delivery.  Then pat yourself on the back for helping both the earth AND your pockets. 

*If there is no cooler present, or no one at the shipping address to collect the food, your order will be placed at the door. Please remember our items are highly perishable, so sitting outside for any period of time will compromise and ruin the baby food and smoothies. The food will at that time be unsuitable for consumption and it is not advised to feed to your child at that point.