Terms & Conditions

All orders must be a minimum of $25.  Your order will show an error if you try to submit under $25.

Deliveries are every Saturday.  You must cancel by 7am the day before your delivery to get refunded your purchase price less $10 for a revision fee. 

Food is made fresh the evening before each delivery.

We are not responsible for food left on porch due to no one being home to claim it.  If no one will be home to accept the package, it is the responsibility of the customer to leave a cooler with ice in visible site.  We will then place your highly perishable items in that cooler. 

Following the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendation on introducing your baby to one food at a time, all of our Just Starting purees are made with just one base organic produce and the residual nutrient-rich water.  We highly recommend you allow your child to eat one produce for a minimum of three days before introducing to another food to ensure no allergic reactions will take place.

Cumin has been linked to produce allergic reactions in persons allergic to peanuts. 

All of our smoothies have almond milk in them.  Persons with nut allergies are not recommended to consume these.